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NOTICE: Be careful choosing a carpet cleaner based on:
1 – Company Advertising.
Be careful about choosing a cleaner based on their advertising. Road signs that promise cleaning from $9.99/room, flyers in your paper or mail box, TV advertising, even internet advertising, and all telling you why they are the best. Who can you trust? Consider the $9.99/room and those types of ads. They usually involve a “Bait and Switch” type of business. Click Here to Google “Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaners” and discover for yourself what that involves. Just don’t fall for it. At Moody’s we are happy to give you a phone estimate, based on your information, for a carpet cleaning quote.
Company Advertising
Then we have the other companies telling you they clean using no chemicals with “special” water that cleans and leaves no residue. Those statements are just not true. For some of the best research Click Here and check out this website. Fact is that there will always be some residue left behind from cleaning. There is no way to remove 100% of anything from your carpet. It’s just basic science.We at Moody’s Carpet Care use a system that leaves very little residue. And what little bit is left behind is non-sticky. It also prevents re-soiling, stains and spots from appearing.

2 – Fake Testimonials.
Fake Testimonials
Want to try a new restaurant? Don’t you always ask a friend or two if they have been there and how they liked it? Of course you do. Their experience, or testimonial, is one you seek out because you know you can trust it. But today, we look online for reviews, but who can you trust? Fake and biased testimonials are everywhere. There are even a few websites that business owners can go and buy testimonials. They can be in the form of fake postings to review sites, fake blogs and even fake video testimonials.That is why at Moody’s Carpet Care we only show real testimonials that you can see came from real people, in their own handwriting. What can you expect when you call us to clean your carpet? Click HERE and read our Customer Reviews.

3 – Cleaning Method.
By far the easiest trap to fall into is choosing the method. There is no best method without considering who is using it. Even the best equipment is worthless without a properly trained operator who cares about the job they are doing. And that doesn’t even consider the quality or condition of the equipment. The bigger, more complicated equipment requires even more maintenance and repair: failure to keep this equipment in top condition can greatly effect your cleaning results.Moody’s Carpet Care has used several methods over the last three decades we have cleaned carpet. We use the best equipment and methods available today that deep-clean your carpet, dry quickly (normally in 4-6 hours), and is safe for your family, pets and the environment.
Cleaning Method

Put your trust in a local carpet cleaning company that has been in business since 1987, providing top quality and honest carpet cleaning to thousands of residents of McDonough, Henry County, Stockbridge, and surrounding areas. Click here to learn about our 6 step cleaning process!